viernes, 10 de junio de 2011

"Luchando por ser uno mismo frente a la dictadura normativa de la medicina: la historia de Radcliff"

The disabling affects of a sexed system: an exploration of intersexuality, transgender and sexual citizenship

...Therefore, in this chapter I will draw on the phenomenological experiences of Radcliff, a transman who is disabled and identifies as queer. Radcliff’s complex story illustrates the ways in which he negotiates his gender and sexual citizenship through various sexual, social and phenomenological body images. Radcliff’s negotiations are structured in relation to the (dis)abling effects of social institutions, such as medicine, law and family that have much power in whether they grant him social legitimacy or not. An intersectional framework of disabled, transgender and sexual identities is utilised to offer nuanced explanations of how Radcliff employs his autonomy and agency in securing a coherent identity in the face of institutional constraints, even if psychosocially his intersectional identities are dynamic and adaptive.

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