domingo, 14 de marzo de 2010

The LGBT Network - Outsiders

The LGBT network is for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered disabled people to support each other and enjoy themselves

We are setting up a new LGBT network in Outsiders and this is being coordinated by our French volunteer, Philippe with the help of Eirwen. We want to include all members who identify as lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgenderand those who feel in some other way associated - e.g. those who are interested in exploring a maybe-not-heterosexual sexuality, those who have a bi partner, etc. etc.

The network will provide mutual support, encouragement and connections with other groups around the country, with our own social events, our own page in 'Inside' and our own section on this website.

Your views are welcome about the future of the network - whatever you think you need. Perhaps you would like regular daytime meet-ups or clubbing nights, and perhaps host an event in your locality which the rest of us could travel to? We feel it would be excellent to hold a mini conference with other groups and organisations to discuss the issues of relationships and sex for lesbian, gay, bi and transgendered disabled people.

For more information email the LGBT group

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